Great friendly staff, very helpful.

Kim D., Walterboro, SC

I'm a happy camper with Sunset Finance Loans & Tax Service and never been camping! I just have to say that the manager has such an Excellent Customer Service Attitude that I don't even want to close out my loan with Sunset Finance Loans & Tax Service. The staff are blessings to me because they made me not feel that is a bad thing to have a loan. They make you feel confident that if you need them, that they are there Ready, Willing and Able. With the Key Word Being WILLING because they are! I just want to give a big shout out to the team in Walterboro to tell them that I Love Them And There's Nothing That Anyone Can Do About It!

J. Pinckney, Walterboro, SC

The staff at this office are wonderful, love them.

Patricia E., Walterboro, SC

The staff at SUNSET FINANCE in Walterboro, SC is the best. They will try to help you in anyway they can, and I think they should get an award from the main office for their good work.

Michael M., Walterboro SC

"Just want to say Thank You"


All three ladies are so sweet and special to me. They all treat me so nice, and are always smiling and in a good mood, which makes me and everyone feel WELCOME!!!! I THINK A LOT OF ALL OF THEM.

Just want to say Thank You.

Walterboro SC

"the best person I have ever dealt with in a customer service situation"


I just wanted to send a kudos to the AM in Walterboro. She is by far the best person I have ever dealt with in a customer service situation. She is pleasant and helpful. I would recommend all my friends to deal with her!

Walterboro SC