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The consumer finance industry is a very rewarding industry. We help our customers every day with unexpected emergencies such as auto repair, utility bills, doctor bills, etc. We also help our customers with cash to take vacations, holidays, back to school needs, etc. The consumer finance industry has been helping people since the 1870’s.


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We offer personal loans and tax preparation services.
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We operate 45 branches throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Find a branch near you.
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  • I am satisfied and I am dealing with a nice loan company.

    Myrtle M., Savannah, GA
  • I like the way they treat me. They were very easy to work with and very friendly.

    Carlos H., Flight Easley, SC
  • You have been greatly helpful. Thanks!

    George J., Thomaston , GA
  • The staff at this office are wonderful, love them.

    Patricia E., Walterboro, SC
  • Sunset Finance has helped me a lot, and I appreciate the way the people here treat you. They are so nice and helpful.

    Phoebe G., Thomaston GA
  • They are the nicest people and they really go out of there way to help you...I highly recommend them!!

    Ginger B., Easley SC
  • Julie at SUNSET FINANCE in Walterboro, SC is the best. She will try to help you in anyway she can, and I think she should get an award from the main office for her good work.

    Michael M., Walterboro SC
  • Outstanding service with a smile. The manager is always willing to work with you in getting a loan. Friendly service. To anyone in need of a loan, I would strongly recommend this company.

    Jonathan P., Aiken SC
  • I would like to take the time to personally thanks the staff at the Aiken SC Sunset Finance location. I walked in over a year ago with no credit history and no hope of anyone ever giving me a chance. When everyone else said no, the Aiken staff said yes. They even came to my home to verify the appliances needed to secure the loan as no one else would go this far. Now after over a year I have renewed my loan with them twice and am making my final payment tomorrow!!!! I know I will always be family at Sunset Finance, and had it not been for you guys I would have 0% credit history and a lost little boy looking to build his credit to buy a home. Again thanks to the crew at the Aiken branch of Sunset Finance ... I love you guys!!!!!! I will send anyone I can for u to help them as much as y'all have helped me.

    Aaron M., Aiken SC
  • I would like to thank the staff at the Aiken office. They helped me out when I didn't have any credit, and now I can afford to go out and buy a house just because Sunset took a chance and give me a starter loan, they were always nice to speak with when I would call in my payment. They also let me know when I had money to refinance and what steps to take to keep my credit looking good. Thanks again for all your help.
    Candace D., Aiken SC
  • All three ladies are so sweet and special to me. They all treat me so nice, and are always smiling and in a good mood, which makes me and everyone feel WELCOME!!!! I THINK A LOT OF ALL OF THEM.

    Just want to say Thank You.

    Walterboro SC
  • I just wanted to send a kudos to the AM in Walterboro. She is by far the best person I have ever dealt with in a customer service situation. She is pleasant and helpful. I would recommend all my friends to deal with her!

    Walterboro SC

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