Earn $25 For Each New Customer You Refer

We appreciate it when people refer new customers to us! Whether for a loan or to file taxes, we’ll pay you $25 for the referral if we gain a new customer. You don’t have to be a current customer to earn the reward! 

Fill out the form below to get your printable coupon to share with family members or friends. 

How Do I Get a Referral Credit?

Even if you aren’t a current customer, the Sunset Finance team will reward you with $25 for each new customer you send our way.

Here Is How It Works:

    1. Request a copy of our printable referral coupons using the form above.
    2. Fill out the coupon with your information.
    3. Share your coupons with family and friends.
    4. Tell family or friends to bring the coupon with them to their local Sunset Finance or Flight Finance Branch and present the coupon prior to becoming a customer. If the person you are referring prefers to contact the Sunset team over the phone or through our website, they can still claim you as their referral, just have them mention your name and phone number before they become a customer.
    5. Once your referral becomes a customer (opens a personal loan or files their taxes with us) you can visit the local branch to collect your check or you can call the branch to make arrangements for the best way to get your $25 referral reward. 
    6. Refer another customer! There is no limit on the number of referrals or amount of rewards you can receive.

Who Should I Refer to Sunset Finance?

Our team has a lot of helpful resources and financial services that can help someone with unexpected emergencies such as auto repair and doctor bills. Consider referring to a friend or family member that needs extra cash for vacation, holidays, or even back to school needs.

Here are 4 quick examples of how we can help:

    1. Come see us for an installment loan.
    2. We offer refinancing options.
    3. Get an advance loan of up to $6000 on accepted tax returns.*
    4. Use our free “Taxes To Go” app that allows you to file from anywhere.

*Subject to our most liberal credit policies

Georgia NMLS #2045071


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